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When the going gets tough - Vikrant Bahree

This article was published in Construction World, April 2014 issue. It explores how discovering and working on functional competencies can lead to breakthrough results with direct impact on business. The functional competency framework also provides competitive advantage to organizations during tough times..... read more >>>

Celebrate what's right with the world – Harish Raichandani

This article was published in FIIB Business review, volume 1, issue 2, January-March 2012. This is the review of a short (20 minute) film made in 2002 by Dewitt Jones of Star Thrower Distribution. Since 2005 the author has used this in more than twenty Appreciative Inquiry programs. We are sure there must be several thousand for whom this film has proved to be a teacher and a mentor in cultivating the Appreciative Inquiry – a philosophy which makes life blissful, exuberant and gratifying... read more >>>

Satisfying, challenging work
This article was published in Hindustan Times on November 22, 2012. Rural management degree-holders have never had it better. Hindustan Times speaks to some alumni of the Institute of Rural Management, Anand.PadmajaSreenivas, Senior Consultant at Potentia, an alumni of IIRMA ...read more >>>

Empowerment of Professional Managers – Prashant Parashar

This article was published in SME Mentor on May 14, 2012. Empowerment is a necessary condition for success of professional manager and hence for the business. The promoter or entrepreneur needs to reinforce from time to time, making the professional manager realize and practice decision making by feeling empowered...read more >>>

Generative Questions (Part-1) – Harish Raichandani

This article was published in ISABS journal “Here & Now” April 2008 issue. The author (Harish Raichandani) has highlighted examples of situations where a change in the questions one raises leads to answers which are energizing & generative leading to more satisfying moments and positive results. The article highlights the deep impact of Appreciative Inquiry (the strength based philosophy) which today is relevant both in our personal as well as professional lives....read more >>>

Generative Questions (Part-2) – Harish Raichandani

This article was published in ISABS journal "Here & Now" December 2008 issue. The sequel to Part 1 under the same name examines the anatomy of Questions, which we call '"Generative". This is a must read for anyone interested in discovering questions which lead to a positive spiral in life... read more >>>

A Facilitation model for T-group - Harish Raichandani

This article was published in ISABS journal “Here & Now” October 2005 issue. Leaders and facilitators are mostly required to generate exemplary performance from their team. However often they are confronted with the scenario of members who are merely observers in worse cases detractors(bigger challenge).What does it take to move a person from detractor/observer state to contributor/exemplar state.... read more >>>