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  "All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself."  
  - Bill McCartney  

Potentia offers Executive Coaching from a strength based perspective wherein the coached/ mentee’s strengths are leveraged to the maximum in realizing her/ his potential. The hall-mark of this approach is that throughout the coaching process the executive enhances her/ his self esteem even while embracing deep personal/ professional change.

Depending on the organization/ individual executive and appropriateness the coaching plan and sessions are customized.

The overall approach would entail

  • Identify & articulate the purpose of coaching assignment e.g. - specific behavior(s) to improve, specific competencies to be honed (e.g. assertiveness) or specific outcomes (e.g. collaborative behaviors among team members); this is based on assessment made by
    • Executive himself or
    • The sponsor (e.g. a CEO)
    • Feedback (e.g. 360° Method)
  • Discover & share values of the coach and the executive
  • Deepen the self awareness thru coaching dialogue and/ or instrumented feedback e.g. FIRO-B, MBTI, Belbin, etc.
  • Establish congruence between individual and the organizational goals
  • Catalyze personal growth through the executive gaining insight about her/ his potential
  • Facilitating the executive’s ability to trigger the influence on the environment and assume leadership responsibility.