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  "…where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it..."  
  - Alphonso Jackson  

This unique offering enables managements & entrepreneurs to focus on their core business with the comfort that well aligned HR systems supporting their organizational growth (organic or inorganic) are being taken care of by experts without any threat to business continuity. Enterprises with < 500 employees, transnational organizations and start-ups tend to gain significantly from Managed HR Services.

The movement towards managed HR services reflects the growing need for businesses to explore alternative partnerships that bring more value to organizations beyond simple cost savings. The true partnership results in twin advantages of managing risk and enabling growth in strategic capabilities.

Potentia team represents a collective HR experience of over 200 man-years covering various HR facets and can offer wide range of support encompassing

  • Design and facilitation of strategic HR philosophy (e.g. Organization Design, Business Alignment etc.)
  • Implementation of vital HR practices (e.g. PMS, Compensation, Competencies etc.) and
  • Managing your operational HR systems (e.g. Employee life cycle management, HRIS, Compliances, Payroll etc.)

The benefits that accrue when Potentia is your Managed HR partner

  • Higher Employee Productivity
  • Improved Performance Orientation
  • Learning Organization
The above ensue even while your cost of providing HR services is lower, expertise is of a higher order and business continuity assured.

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