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  "The test of the artist does not lie in the will with which he goes to work, but in the excellence of the work he produces."  
  - Thomas Aquinas  

Our core services under HR System Support include design and implementation of a wide range of HR systems which provide the client organization with agility, performance orientation and contemporary practices.

These systems ultimately become a part of an organizational culture which supports high performing teams accompanied by an enhanced employee satisfaction quotient and high employee engagement.

System support offered is either in terms of system design or facilitating client HR teams to design systems, which is followed by a post deployment review. The range of offerings under this include

  • Compensation philosophy & implementable systems
  • Organization Design customized to address complexities of industry & company
  • Alignment to ensure Business Strategy, Organization Design, Roles and Key Result Areas for the role holders
  • Balanced Score Card Cascade
  • Performance Management System Design and/ or facilitation workshops
  • Key business processes design & implementation support to optimize people productivity
  • Creation & Implementation of appropriate Employee Engagement frameworks including customized surveys to ensure that the organization does not miss out on any HITP (High Impact Touch Points)
  • Policy review and articulation to address contemporary needs and protect employer-employee needs

Potentia has developed its own HR competency framework on which training programs are organized for client HR teams along with training identified members on specified competencies to create future trainers for training the new entrants in the HR team.


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