If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.
~Mark Twain
~Mark Twain

One of Asia’s leading providers of business space solutions invited us to partner with them for improving collaboration among team members and creating a positive work environment.
A 2 day intervention followed by a half day review resulted in the team understanding various personality types and their inherent behavior patterns and also discovered the art of giving feedback. The team today boasts of being a closely knit family and takes pride at creating one of the best work conditions.  
 Potentia was invited to partner in a sustained Management Development Program undertaken by a leading diversified company.
The 2 day AI (Appreciative Inquiry) Module covered about 100 managers in different batches. For several of them this has been a life changing experience. Many examples of improved Team Working, Collaboration, Leadership and work life balance are evident.
A German Multinational, world leader in specialized machinery, providing global engineering support from India, sought Potentia’s intervention to support them to develop individual and team effectiveness. The intervention along with simultaneous real time project as part of overall organisation initiative resulted in knowing how their behavior contributes to getting results. Further, it lead to realization of what they can do differently as an individual and as a team to enhance productivity and performance. .