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~Brene Brown
~Brene Brown

Principal Consultant

Helps organisations in building Human Resource capabilities and driving cultural change/ improving organisational effectiveness. 


HR strategy/ systems & processes covering entire gamut of human resource systems and organizational culture.

About Shantonu 

Shantonu is a Principal Consultant at Mumbai. He provides client services through design and implementation of HR systems and processes to improve productivity, growth and profitability.    


Before joining Potentia, Shantonu has worked for three decades in reputed organisations across sectors. His last three leadership roles were as Vice President - Corporate HR at Nitco Ltd, Vice President - Corporate HR at Bombay Dyeing and Head HR at Tata Chemicals’ Fertiliser SBU.


Shantonu brings proven expertise in designing & implementing core HR systems & processes like Performance Management System, Rewards & Recognition, Talent Management, Competency Framework, Compensation & Benefits etc.  Has designed & implemented   Balanced Score Card and cascaded the same to enhance organizational performance. He has rich experience in driving OD interventions & change management initiatives.

Shantonu has served as a visiting faculty at Management Institutes like Welingkar , IBS  Mumbai, EDII, AMD etc . He is associated with Sri Satya Sai Seva organisation, Mumbai for social service activities.

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