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RocheMartin founded by Dr. Martyn Newman Ph.D.D. Psych, a consulting psychologist and internationally acknowledged expert in emotional intelligence and leadership. Dr. Martyn has held senior positions at leading universities in Europe and Australia, he is a respected management consultant and leadership authority who has assisted many leading companies across Australia, Asia and Europe to improve the performance of their people and organization.

We (Potentia) as partners of RocheMartin of Australia have begun using their globally tested tool Emotional Capital Report (ECR). ECR, the psychometric tool was developed by Dr. Martyn Newman, after years of Research across Europe & Asia.  Currently this tool is widely used across Australia, USA, Singapore, and Middle-East for Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Selection purposes.  Potentia is pleased to partner with RocheMartin in bringing this tool to India.

For more information on RocheMartin visit their website www.rochemartin.com