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For OD Consulting
"AI intervention has triggered a unique thought process in people who got exposed to this experience and the emotional connect with one another has now shifted to relationship based on mutual respect for what each one has done and not based on hierarchy or the age. This, we are sure, is the beginning for a major transformation in Mithapur site."
B Sudhakar, Head Global HR, Tata Chemicals
  ...showed great enthusiasm and practice and truly understood our business as well as roles and responsibilities at various levels. contribute to the development of the BSC action plans, and to establish the links plus sanitize the targets... a very satisfactory outcome of the engagement.  
  Abhaya Shankar, MD, Hyderabad Industries Ltd  
"This unique process generated a positive energy amongst the team and the emotional content created a connect that brought out the stories and events which helped create the culture of the organization and sense of pride. It is a unique way to bring out the strength based assets of the organization and concurrently creates a sense of belonging which I have not experienced in any other process."
Sanjiv Lal, Vice President Manufacturing
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For Training

As always, Potentia and its team of dedicated professionals, continue to add tremendous value to the staff at Beam…. We are better for this relationship & value it immensely. Our growth & success has been a result in many ways of the winds of change brought by Potentia.

  Subram Kapoor, Executive Director, Beam Telecom  
  LEAP was a phenomenon ….elements that made it so special was the amazing inspiration of Suresh ….this guy has an amazing gift. He will make you laugh, he will make you cry, he will give you passion, he will entertain you, but most of all he will make you THINK. I was blown away by this man  
  Jeffey Morrod, MD, Watson Pharma  
  …. program gave me an opportunity to introspect and look self and leadership from a different perspective. AI is a great tool to learn and adopt for stunning results.  
  Shareed Nair, Vice President, Axis Bank  
  It was an interesting program, gave valuable insights into AI as a tool & philosophy of life. Enjoyed the hands on session and practical application of AI in relation to organization context.  
  Meena Sawatra, VP-HR, FTIL  
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For HR Systems Support

"Potentia conducted the awareness module for PMS in a well planned & systematic manner, thus making assimilation easy & implementation simple. I have benefited greatly from the workshop."

Brig BM Daniels (Retd), Chief Security & Vigilance, TATA POWER
"At Tata chemicals, Harish has contributed significantly in building capabilities in the HR team in the area of compensation. He has helped the company to evolve and implement a contemporary compensation strategy aimed at flexible approach, ease of administration and employee friendliness. In accomplishing this our internal compensation & benefit team members honed their own proficiency thereby adding to the overall capability of the HR function within the company."
B Sudhakar, Head Global HR, Tata Chemicals
"… Over three years since Potentia partnered with us to facilitate PMS – there has been a remarkable change in people perception of PMS -- from that of skepticism to enthusiasm. Thanks to Potentia today our PMS system achieves effective BSC deployment & goal cascading. Potentia team partnered with us to facilitate skill building of appraisers, facilitation of goal cascade, strengthening of the PMS through introduction of KBAs, Potential assessment and alignment with BSC. Potentia has unique capability to bring about ‘Performance Orientation’ of a high order…"

Bagha Singh, Global HR Head, Tata Power

For Managed HR
"…By working closely with the business heads within Virgin Mobile, Potentia helped implement the foundations of our Human Resources policies and process.  In addition their capable team was back-bone of our recruitment drive during which we recruited over 200 high-quality and motivated people in less than 3 months. … I would recommend Potentia to other companies setting up in India."

Jamie Heywood, Deputy CEO, Virgin Mobile India

For Executive Coaching
“I was associated with Potentia on an executive coaching assignment with Harish as my  coach. This program made me understand myself  better as an individual, as a manager and as a leader.  I could feel that I have become more effective and could enhance my personal productivity. I was able to create in my team positive energy that really enhanced our collective productivity and the most importantly achieve work life balance that eludes most Senior teams.” 

K. Ravi, Formerly Head – Operations, Beam Cable System

“To me, Potentia is uniquely different from its contemporaries in the sense that they never try to fit or frame you into a specific model or a standard method of coaching at the start. Rather, their free flow style allows you to eventually mould into a fully customized method of coaching. This approach in their coaching is highly effective as it induces change from within…and that’s what works and matters in the long run”. 

Winfred Samson, Market Tools