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  “I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”  
  - Albert Einstein  

Potentia has a wholesome bouquet of training offerings. Our strength is in our customized offering of programs to suit the specific needs of the client organizations. Developing skills and influencing mind-set/ attitude, we work with organizations to nurture the leaders of today and tomorrow.

We believe, to be effective, the training must involve participants fully. Business skills are learnt by actual practice. Participants can apply the training concepts learnt in the classroom to real life situations.

Our trainers use a balance of real life experience, reflection, concept sessions and experimental practice to help the participants transition through awareness to habit formation/ skill development. Trained in this environment, participants produce results for client organizations which provide exemplary returns on the training investment.

Potentia Performance Improvement Triangle

At the core of the Potentia Training Process is a four-phase approach that coaches participants
through a performance improvement triangle.

Attitude Change
All participants including top performers internalize the cause–effect relationship between the behavior and consequences (on performance as well as relations).

The knowledge imparted is grounded in reality and easily applicable for the real life situations.

The experimentation carried out by participants during the programs often pushes them beyond their comfort zones and helps them inculcate result-producing skills with ease.

Habit / Skill
The way forward action plan created during our programs plays a catalytic role in the conversion of learning into habits.

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