The only limits for tomorrow are the doubts we have today.
~Pittacus Lore

Sought After Offerings

Potentia has a wholesome bouquet of offerings. Our strength is in our customized interventions/ programs to suit the specific needs of the client organizations.

We use a balance of real life experience, reflection, concept sessions and experimental practice to help the participants transition through awareness to habit formation/ skill development. Trained in this environment, participants produce results which provide exemplary returns on the training investment. Some of our repeatedly sought after offerings include :

Capability Building

Young managers step up their confidence & capability in less than 60 days, enabling them to effectively handle the multiple demands through self-awareness, interpersonal effectiveness, personal productivity and skills for leading others.

For professionals from all walks of life to enhance their communication ability, in just about 8 sessions, they learn to get more out of their stated and written word

Transform retail store managers into an engine of fast growth achieved through customer delight and enthusiastic sales teams.

For executives across levels to hone their planning & risk taking skills and increase empathy using a simulation; in this marraige of left brain and the right brain, an experiential reality game the brings forth deeply held beliefs & propensities and their impact. Insights that would stay for life.

Convert customer centric units into mature & committed teams to enhance customer loyalty.

Motivation & Inner Transformation

The program helps participants enthusiastically take ownership, accountability & responsibility thereby adding to the bottom line of the company.

We motivate participants to aim for excellence so that they identify and tackle their barriers to achieve beyond the normal, it’s a life altering experience captured in 2 days that helps you re-define your destiny.

Individuals and organization transformation through positive psychology. Discover and imbibe the power of strengths and possibilities instead of problems.

This semi-structured laboratory catalyses discovery of individual, interpersonal and group behaviors that serve or limit one’s potential and improve their circle of influence. Strengthens the foundations for enhancing the happiness
in Life, Work and Success.

Growing Leaders

Uncovering the blocks that drive outstanding performance & fulfilment, without making costly emotional mistakes.

We help corporate forerunners become more effective leaders through insightful assimilation of multi-rater feedback within one day that helps them to optimize their resourcefulness and improve tangible results.

For managers to understand the science and art of leading teams, resulting in improved team performance, delighted customers, and enhanced employee satisfaction.

Learning to dialogue even in the most demanding situations by sharpening the skills to steer and lead critical negotiations, convey unambiguous messages and resolve sticky conflicts.

We enhance productivity and collaboration of business professionals by helping them fine-tune their managerial/ leadership style - triggering more proactiveness, improved efficacy in communication and higher team effectiveness.

Enhance managerial proclivity to collaborate and offer their collective best towards overarching shared organizational goals.

We enhance leadership presence for managers/ leaders through more effective influencing and presentation skills to win over external and internal customers. After these 2 days they will never run out of impactful words in front of any audience.

In two days, we help organizations equip their interviewing managers to master Competency Based Interviewing, making them capable of making the right hiring decisions and mitigate the time and cost overrun risk due to erroneous hires

We help managers to ascertain their leadership quotient through understanding their own behavior and its impact on others; thereby increase their commitment to self-development resulting in enhanced capability for the organization

We help organizations achieve improved financial performance through employee engagement that’s based on insightful two-way feedback that fills employees with pride and increases their commitment to true-north of organization.