Feedback is the breakfast of champions.
~Ken Blanchard

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“… the program has a right balance of content, activities & “food for thought” discussions.  The live examples of people achieving goals in life irrespective of rational limitations is  immensely inspiring.   Would recommend this to everyone who is willing to identify & narrow down the purpose of life.”
~Gaurav, Manager, DE Shaw recommending ‘Good to Great’ program
“…I am amazed to see how effective a program can be. This program has transformed me and the perspective by which I look at things… I am now confident enough to enjoy my work and my life. I am going to create a new wonderful world.”
~Anurag A, Assistant Manager, Tata Projects commenting about ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ program
“AI program has been a wholesome experience. The take-home is a journey of endless possibilities with promising, enriching and rewarding results.”
~Nirmal, Head- Corporate Communications, BARSYL commenting about ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ program
“…this program takes the participants through real life experiences which are very inspirational… learned to look positively at things and take them as challenges rather than problems…a very enriching experience.”
~Divya Sharma, Senior Project Lead, ADP commenting about ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ program
“Good to Great has been 2 days of a safe, kind and friendly place that helped me push my boundaries… could identify my patterns and share my fears openly…. has pushed me to think further about how I can excel and achieve my goals.”
~Devika @ GGK Technologies commenting about ‘Good to Great’ program
“Participating in “Good to Great” program was a nice experience… enjoyed being together, keeping our egos behind, jelled well and had a wonderful time, while learning much about our internal self, our strengths and our areas of improvement.”
~Sreekanth, Head Procurement, LnT RBF sharing his experience about ‘Good to Great’ program
“… strongly recommend this program to everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, or profession.  A  real ‘eye-opener’… things I learnt during this program will stay with me for the rest of my life and will facilitate my success. Thank you Team Potentia.”
~Sreedhar P, Director, Inicio HCD commenting about ‘Good to Great’ program
… the kind of recall Suresh’s program Stop Look Go’ has is unparallel.  Our employees keep requesting for his repeat programs.  What he preaches in his program is so simple yet so powerful.  He is truly a life changer and he has changed the lives of hundreds of our employees including mine.  Do good to yourself and your employees by getting Suresh on board to deliver his programs.
~Vinay Patil, General Manager-Corporate HR, Raheja Group commenting about ‘Stop Look Go’ program

… displayed tenacity in the face of an initially stubborn group of professionals who found it hard to get in touch with their feelings & even harder to accept and articulate them… they led the group to experience a deep sense of emotional enrichment & fulfillment, at times demonstrating their own human vulnerabilities… an inspiring experience… life changing moments, a truly enjoyable lab

~Christabel Silva, Head Global Account Management, VFS Global (London) commenting about experience at a Leadership Laboratory

“The biggest asset in our Life , is Ourselves. As individuals , we go through Ups and Downs in both – our personal life and career . The biggest challenge for majority of us is , to keep running the marathon without giving up .. Listening to Mr.Suresh Srinivasan, would give you the Right “Kick ” – & bring the PASSION back in your work . He has the uncanny ability to Shake and Stir you with Laughter and re-energize your Batteries .. He allows you to let your hair down & let you discover your Goals in your life . And makes you Enjoy the Journey to achieve the Goals and Chill at the same time.. So don’t miss this chance of listening to the “Most Wanted” speaker … And get the “Kick” back in your Life !!”

~Govind Shrikhande, Managing Director, Shoppers Stop Ltd commenting about experience at Stop Look Go program