Capability Building

Without continuous personal development, you are now all that you will ever become, and hell starts when the person you are meets the person you could have been.

All the organizational navigation, management or execution depends upon the competence of individuals who steer it. Aspiring organizations keen to achieve loyal customer base, mitigate trial & error costs, retain talent, and minimize high-cost-lateral-hiring will need to invest in capability building of their people.


Building management capability, goes beyond training at Potentia. Leveraging Adult Learning Principles, we keep experiential learning at the forefront. Insights from over 400 years of collective experience crossing ethnic & geographic boundaries across five continents, our programs touch the participants at a deeper level of their competency iceberg. Our belief in learning ability of a human being helps work at planes beyond knowledge, skills &  behavior. Systematic diagnosis and impactful program designs have been at the very foundation of Potentia’s approach. Complementing class-room session; out-door experiences, our programs often entail real work projects, and sometimes speed-coaching. Helping participants evolve through attitude impacting and mindset altering paradigms, we address the core aspects of organizational productivity and managerial happiness.


Over the past decade some of our training offerings have matured and become much sought after by our clients allowing us to nurture scores of participants and create communities of cohorts who have provided deep satisfaction and joy through their progress. Some of these offerings include:

  • UBIKA – Stepping up the Leadership quotient for Operating Managers
  • From Good to Great – Leveraging David Mclelland’s Achievement Motivation to create intrinsically driven great performers
  • Achieving Excellence in Retail – A multi-modular program for customer-facing frontline in Retail Industry
  • RetailPro-M – a special program for store managers in Retail Industry
  • GRIP – Getting Response in Presentations – enhancing circle of influence
  • Expanding Horizons – Individual effectiveness leading to high performance teams
  • Voyage Communicar: Thoughts in Translation – enhancing confidence & effectiveness across cultures, through communication skills
  • Malgudi Express – a real life simulation that leaves participants speechless and makes them realize propensities that serve or limit their potential and joy-quotient
  • Emotional Intelligence for Managerial Success – A multi-stage crafting for an engaging customer-experience

Depending upon the need we use a blended approach to offer the best of above training products and juxtapose that with the specific client system and participant needs/ aspirations. For geographically diverse teams in demanding roles we offer web-based digital sessions – optimizing the resource requirements as well as minimizing the disruption to demanding schedules.