Growing Leaders

Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.
~Sheryl Sandberg

For entrepreneurs/ CEOs/ CXOs, growing their capability and maturing or evolving their world view has a direct bearing on the growth of their enterprises. Across industry segments – be it a start-up, an emerging company or a stable organization, visionary companies invest in building a leadership pipeline that can help achieve a competitive edge and bring more successes. The investment in growing leaders helps individual leaders and organizations to shorten the cycle time required to grow; in turn equipping them to create more leaders; thereby making it easy to address needs of growth, expansion, succession and institution building.


Our suite of leadership development interventions are designed to address an organization’s Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results as desired. Honoring the unique DNA of the organization and positive core of the leaders, we offer a slew of individual, group and whole-team programs. We leverage neo sciences in the fields of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience into our programs to catalyze lasting impact. We are passionate to make every intervention a double loop learning, in turn helping us to continuously evolve. Respecting the specific development needs of individual leaders and tailored to address organization requirements, we are often humbled by their orbit shifting journey.


Some of our sought after leadership interventions have included:

  • Raising the Leadership Bar – A 360 degree feedback based program for corporate fore-runners
  • Emotional Intelligence Leadership Masterclass – Developing Leadership by building emotional prosperity
  • Top Team Alignment – customized workshop(s) for leaders to deploy strategic intent
  • Synergy through Mission, Vision and Values
  • Organizational Transformation and Culture building workshop(s)
  • Generative Collaboration for CXOs
  • Courageous Conversations for Organizational Leaders
  • Executive Coaching