Motivation & Inner Transformation

The difference between a fool and an intelligent person is, the intelligent know how foolish they are

Each of us wants to realize our true potential, discover meaning & purpose of life and see the dots that connect us to our professional pursuits and significant others in life. The quest for self-discovery, realization of true meaning and uncovering latent potential are perhaps a natural phenomenon for most of us. Often by the time one gains these deeper insights and/ or uncover the dormant intrinsic drive, the youthful energy is on wane. However, a scaffolding provided in time could make one reach their highest potential while the time is ripe. We satiate one’s quest for moving to their true north at a time when the belly of their reservoir is filled with energy. Like us, if you believe that for an individual, a group or stewards of an organization – the foundations for unlocking their hidden promise requires a gentle nudge, then you know that we share the same passion.


We leverage cumulative wisdom from east and west, mythology & history, contemporary research, insights from the lives we have touched and our own life’s experiences, into our programs. The sessions are laced with narratives, simple similes, video-clips, experiences, reflections, playfulness, and jokes & anecdotes that bring out tearful laughter. With transparency, authenticity and congruence as our values, we bring to fore, in all humility, insights from our own lives including our goofiness, insane obsessions, silly choices, shameful consequences et al.


The offerings that have humbled us and provided joyous growth to thousands of participants across continents include:

  • Stop Look and Go Enthusiastic — Refuel, Recharge and Reenergize for a stress-free, fulfilling and happy professional and personal life
  • Human Interaction Lab: A Growth Catalyst — foundations for enhancing the joy quotient in life and work
  • Enhancing Vitality: Positive Change through Appreciative Inquiry — Discover & embrace the philosophy that’s bound to provide you permanent keys for a lifetime of joy
  • Life-coaching – individual coaching for executives & entrepreneurs to enhance their ‘happiness quotient’ and/ or ‘fulfilment quotient’