Leadership Laboratory

A profoundly experiential human interaction lab, where participants as a group of around 10-12 participants work together along with facilitator(s) to learn about the human processes. This engagement  contributes to self-discovery, interpersonal effectiveness, and rewarding group-working.  As a leader, people may be deriving satisfaction in the work-sphere or outside (as a parent, head of family, social group etc), this program is bound to put them in touch with the additional elements of joyous life, fulfilling work and success that one can be truly proud of. This program helps one get in touch with who they are and who they can be.


The facilitators’ focus on ‘here and now’ helps create a climate for learning wherein the group uses each other as a resource to derive insights.  Even though apparently there’s no predetermined agenda, the process helps everyone discover more about self, their strengths, and styles; influence/ impact of their behavior on others and vice-versa.