Feedback is the breakfast of champions.
~Ken Blanchard

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… displayed tenacity in the face of an initially stubborn group of professionals who found it hard to get in touch with their feelings & even harder to accept and articulate them… they led the group to experience a deep sense of emotional enrichment & fulfillment, at times demonstrating their own human vulnerabilities… an inspiring experience… life changing moments, a truly enjoyable lab ~Christabel Silva, Head Global Account Management, VFS Global (London) commenting about experience at a Leadership Laboratory
Potentia is a team of vibrant hard core professionals true to their commitment... they have been an invaluable support through Cambridge India's journey from an Entrepreneurial Company to a truly International Organisation, with world class policies, processes and high quality talent from diverse industries now on board... in the past year and a half, Potentia has been an indispensable asset and has been a worthy partner ~Ratnesh Jha, Managing Director, Cambridge University Press, South Asia
"The biggest asset in our Life , is Ourselves. As individuals , we go through Ups and Downs in both - our personal life and career . The biggest challenge for majority of us is , to keep running the marathon without giving up .. Listening to Mr.Suresh Srinivasan, would give you the Right "Kick " - & bring the PASSION back in your work . He has the uncanny ability to Shake and Stir you with Laughter and re-energize your Batteries .. He allows you to let your hair down & let you discover your Goals in your life . And makes you Enjoy the Journey to achieve the Goals and Chill at the same time.. So don't miss this chance of listening to the "Most Wanted" speaker ... And get the "Kick" back in your Life !!" ~Govind Shrikhande, Managing Director, Shoppers Stop Ltd commenting about experience at Stop Look Go program
“Potentia has added immense value in works related to HR Systems at Bestseller... the performance management system and HR Policies articulation  by Potentia are practical and support alignment between goals, management philosophy and people action... they have over stretched and delivered on tight timelines on certain occasions... will continue to have Potentia as a trusted advisor” ~Ashish Kumar, Chief People Officer, Bestseller India
“What could be a deeper connect than connecting with myself - deep inside. Truly enriching & overwhelming experience. A must do for all young & not so young.” ~Anuurag Arora, VP & Business Head, VFS Global commenting about ‘Emotional Intelligence : Leadership Masterclass’ program
“Thank you for giving us new vision and an energy to look at the world with new eyes and positive attitude. Not only in our teaching profession but in each and every aspect of our life this works as a lamp, Spreading light of knowledge, oneness in everybody's life." ~Sandhya R, Teacher, TCL Mithapur School commenting about Appreciative Inquiry program
"Wonderful training, realized through this training that I am living life by avoiding problems or ignoring problems, now, I know that I have to find solutions to a problem and just not avoid it. Thank you Potentia for making me realize it." ~Neha Tyagi, Senior Executive, Ascendas commenting about ‘UBIKA’ program
"I thank everyone who worked for formulating such an effective and impactful training program. It really hits hard on our reality. It proves that I am not the person that I have been thinking for all these years. It brought out the real person in me and now it is my turn to polish that real person in me. I feel very relaxed and blissful after the program." ~M.Jaya Prakash, Construction Manager, L&T commenting about ‘Human Interaction’ Labs
"The concept of Malgudi express is excellent. It gives us opportunity to experience the situations where in we have to plan, make tough decisions and take the responsibility of your team." ~Shailender, Team Leader, Serco Global Services commenting about ‘Malgudi Express’ program
"Before attending the communicar sessions, my confidence was low even though I knew everything about what I have to say/ speak. Communicar sessions gave me confidence to present my self in a better way. Thank you communicar" ~PV Reddy, Software Engineer, GGK Technologies commenting about ‘Voyage Communicar’ program
"Good to Great has been 2 days of a safe, kind and friendly place that helped me push my boundaries. I could identify my patterns and share my fears openly. This programme has pushed me to think further about how I can excel and achieve my goals." ~Devika, Systems Engineer, GGK Technologies commenting about ‘Good to Great’ program
“… changed my leadership approach in a dramatic way… see myself more objectively… uncovered some of the problems and provided me with the tools that I can use… for increasingly positive results… one of the major profound impact that he had on me was his focus on improving my happiness quotient … his keen business sense helped me to talk more business situations freely... he is truly amazing” ~Chellappa Badrinath, CFO International Paper summarizing the impact of ‘Executive Coaching’
"As adults we tend to believe that our tenure/ experience has given us all that we can learn - workshops like these are very important to reopen the book of learning, expand our thought process and hence introspect to be better individuals" ~Manish M, VP-Operations, HSBC commenting about ‘Courageous Conversations’ program
"A great exercise especially for someone who would like to do a self assessment. Tough to go through especially the feedback report, but if implemented can help improve and make positive change at workplace. A must for every manager, a great way to get feedback from your team members. A reality of oneself." ~Manesh Thakur, SVP-Sales, Axis Asset Management Company commenting about ‘Raising the Bar’ program