Feedback is the breakfast of champions.
~Ken Blanchard


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Abhijeet Harne, Associate Manager, GGK summarizing the impact of UBIKA program
Shreeram Ranada, Ultratech Cement Ltd appreciating Stop-Look-Go program
Deepti Radkar, Vice President, Axis Bank commenting about Team Building program
Ashim Debnath, Adani Group appreciating the program on ‘Planning for Project Performance’
Sameer Wable, General Manager-HR, Mahyco grow appreciating the HRBP program
Aliza, Mentor, Suchitra Academy commenting about Appreciative Inquiry program
Ashish Kumar, Chief People Officer, Best Seller summarizing the value added by Team Potentia
M.Jaya Prakash, Construction Manager sharing his experience after attending the Leadership Laboratory
Abhishek Kukreja, Associate Manager, Adani Group sharing his experience on ‘Art of Giving Feedback’ program
Harish Gupta, Country Manager, VFS Global commenting about Emotional Intelligence program
Mohammad Minnatullah, Manager HR at KEUS commenting about UBIKA program
Lija, Assistant Manager, BNP Paribas Mumbai commenting about Science of People Leadership program