Feedback is the breakfast of champions.
~Ken Blanchard

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Harish Gupta, Country Manager, VFS Global commenting about Emotional Intelligence program

Emotional intelligence is the buzzword for common sense but as we all know, common sense is not very common. This program is an excellent platform to enlighten today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. The world is very dynamic & constantly changing. In this scenario it is very critical for leaders to be aware of their inner selves, emotion & the feeling of others as this is how people want to see their leaders.

Shreeram Ranada, Ultratech Cement Ltd appreciating Stop-Look-Go program

Stop-Look-Go is a really phenomenal program  conducted at all our locations. The program was a transformative experience that enabled participants to re-assess priorities and ways of thinking, it got an amazing response from our employees as well as partners.

Anurag Mishra, Associate General Manager – HR, Adani sharing his experience about the program for HR team.

It was a very enriching experience and a great journey to self realization. Extremely happy to have got this opportunity to be a part of this program and would get the learning from this program implemented in my day to day life to make myself a better human being.

Abhishek Kukreja, Associate Manager, Adani Group sharing his experience on ‘Art of Giving Feedback’ program

It is a great learning experience and knowing the fact how feedback effects the person on a long term.

Ashim Debnath, Adani Group appreciating the program on ‘Planning for Project Performance’

A superb, interactive session, well developed & presented. Very helpful in dealing with everyday situations if practiced & implemented.

Mohammad Minnatullah, Manager HR at KEUS commenting about UBIKA program

I really love the way the program is designed and delivered… the content is awesome… I could not move out of the chair for even a minute while I was attending the session… Powerful presentation with amazing examples and  a fully engaged session.

Deepti Radkar, Vice President, Axis Bank commenting about Team Building program

An energizing day well spent with Roma and Suresh. Broke the rut and opened our minds wide. Andar ka Hanuman ko jaga diya!

Iram Khalid, Deputy Manager, VFS Global sharing the impact of Supervisory Development Program

The way it was presented was awesome, it helped to deeply connect with each other…. methodology is really very effective… it made me think and created awareness. Thank you for making a difference in very subtle manner which is going to leave a life long impression on me.

Aliza, Mentor, Suchitra Academy commenting about Appreciative Inquiry program

In a world moving at the speed of light, this program makes you stop, feel, think and act in a way that you can add substance to your being. It helps you see beyond the boundaries of what I want to what is in the best interest of everyone.

Sameer Wable, General Manager-HR, Mahyco grow appreciating the HRBP program

Thanks, team potentia to organize such an interesting event. This was very relevant in the present business environment and will definitely help me as individual to understand business better and add value to the business I am in . These kind of initiatives I feel also help HR fraternity at large because you are creating a talent which thinks business like and add real value to business and to the society at large.

Rajesh Dahiya, Executive Director, Axis Bank appreciating the contributions made by Harish and Team Potentia

Harish and Potentia – both are synonymous for me …Harish and his team contributed to long term change management at a time when mindsets and beliefs required major shift. They made it easy for leadership and line mangers to consume HR initiatives …co-creating with our internal teams they evolved Axis Leadership Practices, the foundation of our leadership development philosophy, helped in enhancing trust quotient of leaders through effective yet non-threatening 360 feedback and crafting of rich roles that balanced egalitarian designations and differentiating leaders … wish Harish & his team the very best to continue to make shift to large organisations which are in quest of their next orbit.

Dr Prabakar Kamath, Independent OD Professional sharing his experience working with Harish

I have known Harish close to a decade and a half …would like to place on records his pragmatic approach to people development initiatives …extremely assertive and fearless to any given context …his thoughtful connect to the big picture and overall good drives him …he has excellent leadership skills to organise, work and navigate complex set of talented persons in matrix kind of set up …has great creativity quotient in his approach to work.

Abhijeet Harne, Associate Manager, GGK summarizing the impact of UBIKA program

…this program acted like a spark to ignite the fire within me. At times we get complacent, content with what we are doing… this program acted as a catalyst to bring in the change in me.