If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.
~Mark Twain

Executive Coaching

  • A mid-sized company enjoying a top line of USD 5 million growing at the rate of 70% pa was faced with a problem where the CEO had lost complete confidence in the Head HR so much so that he thought of sacking him. To avoid this “hit below the belt” solution the CEO approached Potentia.
  • Thus began the Executive Coaching exercise for this Head of HR. The coaching began with an aim to catalyze the thought process of this executive, enhance the result orientation and boost his self-confidence. After ten such sessions spread over 6 months the outcome was exhilarating wherein all the stated coaching objectives fulfilled; further tangible results included — employee productivity up by 50%, big boost to the internal HR processes implementation. This head of HR was adjudged the best CXO and has since then, donned the role of a strategic business manager rather than merely being the Head-HR.
  • A rapidly growing hi-tech niche consulting company was faced with issues of strategy deployment, employee development, cultivating performance orientation etc. The Managing Director believed this to be a case requiring Training Intervention and Potentia Team was invited for the same.
  • A deeper analysis revealed the primary cause requiring to be dealt with was ‘the interpersonal and collaboration issues amongst the Directors’.
  • A customized individual coaching for each of the directors and group work involving them led to expanding awareness of oneself and one another, creation of an atmosphere for high collaboration and new-found trust and respect for one another. In a span of 18 months, the Head of Operations, of a rapidly growing mid-sized company, had skidded from being a blue eyed senior management team member to one who was being considered a liability.
  • The organization moving up the product value chain couldn’t hope to realize the strategy without dynamism from this CXO. A Potentia consultant was called for the coaching assignment. The initial enquiry revealed a vicious cycle of low self-esteem insecurity poor performance.
  • The coaching sessions and the facilitated discussions with the dyadic team of CEO + CXO resulted in this CXO discovering the virtuous cycle of performance recognition High self esteem. The icing on the cake for us was when the CEO called our consultant to say “I was also thinking of spending time with you periodically”.