All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time.
~Mitch Albom

My Voice#Metoo – a Potentia survey

For every professional woman, perhaps 6 men deserve to be shamed

The data of first 100s of women who took part in My Voice #Metoo survey reveals that an average a lady worked with 14 Men in power positions (bosses, seniors etc) during her career span of about 13 years.

Their voice thus far – about 40% of these men deserve to be shamed.   Is your experience the same?

If you are a woman professional and haven’t responded to this survey, please do let your voice contribute to truth finding.  Do spend 5-10 minutes on this completely anonymous survey
A little about this survey:
The #MeToo movement and the loud voices associated with it, have left many organizations and leaders in disarray.  One finds it difficult to segregate the truth from hype.  Also, most of us can’t fathom with clarity the health of gender relationships in one’s own backyard.  For every voice we hear in media, there are many who could be silent.  For evert perpetrator who needs to be shamed there may be a few who could be applauded.  This survey aims to evolve a script and syntax that could be used by organizations to strengthen and fortify a woman’s repertoire enhancing her dignity & self-worth.  Towards that we have launched an open, anonymous & safe survey that provides a voice to working women.
Organizations with more than 50 women and keen to calibrate their dignity-index.  Please feel free to contact us, there’s no fee for this social and institutional building initiative.