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~Albert Einstein

Principal Consultant

Is a part of Potentia’s Strategy & Innovation Practice group, wherein he helps organizations in the process of developing Vision, Mission, Strategies, strategic deployment process and training and developing managers in their strategic orientation and global mindset.  He also engages with client system for key business process identification, mapping and reengineering.  He is also involved with clients in the Innovation Management process, where his passion is disruptive innovation.


Strategy Development, Business Process Mapping and Innovation Management

About Mouli

Mouli is a Principal Consultant with Potentia in their Hyderabad Office. He works with client systems to developing, their vision, strategic objectives and strategies and their deployment in the organization. Mouli holds a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from USA and a Bachelors in the same discipline from India. Has published over 25 articles in leading news papers and magazine in various areas including HR, current events and economic issues. He has a patent in a Financial Product offering, and idea which was one of the finalist in the Google 10^100 contest, in 2008-09.

As a part of the Potentia’s team, Mouli has been involved in various assignments across sectors including Banking, Construction Industry, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Engineering, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Power and Telecom. He has worked with clients in defining and refining their strategic objectives, developing strategies, dovetailing business processes to meet internal requirements and external demands, synchronizing organization structure with strategic requirements.

Strategy Development & Deployment

Mouli’s work in this area involved defining/ refining the organizational vision and mission; establishing the long term strategic objectives, and helping them drill down the same to the annual plans. Through a process of dialoguing with senior management and facilitating focused group discussions with execution teams and superimposing industry data & information, Mouli has helped clients in developing the strategies and enabling the same to be deployed across through the departments, teams and individuals. This process has helped organization not only in driving long term growth and profitability, through alignment of individuals and teams to organizational goals.

Business Process Innovation

Mouli has worked with a number of clients across sectors in identifying key business processes required for achieving the strategic objectives and strategies. His work in this area involves working with clients to (re)define strategic and long term objectives, and the associated strategies which are required for achieving the same. Through a process of intensive interaction with key internal stakeholders, and focused group discussions, the key business processes required for achieving the business goals are defined, along with the supporting processes. Also defined are the Measures of Performance (MOPs) of the key processes which dovetail with the strategic objectives of the organization and eventually form a part of the individual KRA/KPIs. The existing AS IS process maps are created, and by superimposing group ideas, best practises, and industry standards, TO BE processes are defined. Based on the changes to the process, changes to organizational structure are also designed along with the change management methodologies for managing the transition.

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