Feedback is the breakfast of champions.
~Ken Blanchard

Client Echo - Capability Building

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“… recommend this program to every individual who wants to work on their communication…. helped me realize the common mistakes that I have been doing throughout my life, which I wouldn’t have realized without the practical activities we did in the program & the comments received from the facilitator.”
~Naresh Kumar Korru, Senior Software Engineer, GGK Technologies commenting about ‘Voyage Communicar’ program
“…an amazing program, structured in a way to cover all managerial aspects like planning, decision making, communication and self-reliance… the simulation was a near exact replica of real life situation and we could completely relate to the situation.”
~Zarina Shaikh, Team Leader, Serco Global Services commenting about ‘Malgudi Express’ program
“…this program acted like a spark to ignite the fire within me. At times we get complacent, content with what we are doing… this program acted as a catalyst to bring in the change in me.”
~Abhijeet Harne, Associate Manager, GGK Technologies commenting about ‘UBIKA’ program
“… very simple yet enlightening …showed me the mirror which helped me in understanding myself, my colleagues, family & friends.”
~Sayantan Bose, Category Manager, Allanasons, Mumbai commenting about ‘UBIKA’ program

“Wonderful training, realized through this training that I am living life by avoiding problems or ignoring problems, now, I know that I have to find solutions to a problem and just not avoid it. Thank you Potentia for making me realize it.”

~Neha Tyagi, Senior Executive, Ascendas commenting about ‘UBIKA’ program

“Before attending the communicar sessions, my confidence was low even though I knew everything about what I have to say/ speak. Communicar sessions gave me confidence to present my self in a better way. Thank you communicar”

~PV Reddy, Software Engineer, GGK Technologies commenting about ‘Voyage Communicar’ program