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Gaurav, Manager, DE Shaw recommending ‘Good to Great’ program
“… the program has a right balance of content, activities & “food for thought” discussions.  The live examples of people achieving goals in life irrespective of rational limitations is  immensely inspiring.   Would recommend this to everyone who is willing to identify & narrow down the purpose of life.”
Sushma, Team Lead, BNP Paribas sharing her experience after attending UBIKA program
“…this program is apt for people stepping into the managerial roles. It helps us to evaluate our style of management, assess team’s morale and provides methodologies to deal with/ manage the team. Excellent program!”
K Hariharan, VP – Sales, Axis Bank appreciating ‘Raising the Bar’ program


“…the beauty of the program  is, it opens doors to a completely new thinking of oneself … I am honored to be a part of this program and hopefully will implement the learnings for my professional and personal development.”
Boban Chocko, Manager, Tata Power commenting about ‘Emotional Intelligence’ program
“…this program has been a powerful eye opener to understand and explore myself both from my heart and what others perceive me. The best part I can see is the way anyone can draw action plans based on 360 degree assessment.”
Divya Sharma, Senior Project Lead, ADP commenting about ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ program
“…this program takes the participants through real life experiences which are very inspirational… learned to look positively at things and take them as challenges rather than problems…a very enriching experience.”
Sreekanth, Head Procurement, LnT RBF sharing his experience about ‘Good to Great’ program
“Participating in “Good to Great” program was a nice experience… enjoyed being together, keeping our egos behind, jelled well and had a wonderful time, while learning much about our internal self, our strengths and our areas of improvement.”
Sayantan Bose, Category Manager, Allanasons sharing his experience on ‘UBIKA’ program
Very simple yet enlightening …showed me the mirror which helped me in understanding myself, my colleagues, family & friends.
Sumit Mehta, Project Manager, Tata Projects Ltd sharing his experience about ‘Appreciate Inquiry’ program
…I think Appreciative Inquiry is one of the best programs, I have ever attended… got to know a lot about myself and others, which would have never been possible otherwise .
Mohamed Rafi, Project Manager, LnT RBF AP Housing commenting about ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ program
…this program will definitely help to make a paradigm shift in both personal/  professional life and will have a great impact towards positive change… practicing Appreciative Inquiry will take us to a life with deepest peace.
Manesh Thakur, SVP Sales, Axis Asset Management commenting about ‘Raising the Bar’ program
…a great exercise especially for someone who would like to do a self assessment. Tough to go through the feedback report, but if implemented can help improve and make positive change at workplace… a must for every manager, a great way to get feedback from your team members.
Lija, Assistant Manager, BNP Paribas Mumbai commenting about Science of People Leadership program
Thank you Potentia for a wonderful training session. The session covered relevant topics which a new manager faces in his/ her day-to-day work life …provided insights on how to deal with these issues and tackle them without hurting any sentiments. I have personally loved the whole session as it helped to understand things differently.
Lorna, VP, HSBC commenting about ‘Courageous Conversations’ program
…in my current role, I do have to undertake several difficult/ crucial conversations with many key stakeholders …this session has given me a better perspective to handle them more effectively.  I aim to carry forward these learnings in my day to day life
Raju Goud, Senior Implementation Engineer, Kantar Operations sharing his happiness after attending our ‘GRIP’ program
…the program was awesome. If you are looking at building your confidence, do attend this program of Potentia.  I am happy to have attended this valuable program. Thank you Team Potentia.
Shilpi Lal Sharma, Head-Talent & Organizaton Development, Edelweiss Global Wealth Management Limited sharing his experience on ‘Stop Look Go’ program
Captivating, fun and insightful, that’s how I would describe the “Stop Look Go” program that Suresh delivers… I have partnered with Suresh for over 7 years now and haven’t come across such a positive, high energy, ear to the ground and connect with people facilitator.  We ran this program for the entire frontline sales force and channel partners.  A great conversationalist and a fantastic facilitator…
Vinay Patil, General Manager-Corporate HR, Raheja Group commenting about ‘Stop Look Go’ program
… the kind of recall Suresh’s program Stop Look Go’ has is unparallel.  Our employees keep requesting for his repeat programs.  What he preaches in his program is so simple yet so powerful.  He is truly a life changer and he has changed the lives of hundreds of our employees including mine.  Do good to yourself and your employees by getting Suresh on board to deliver his programs.
Neha Tyagi, Senior Executive, Ascendas sharing her take away from ‘UBIKA’ program

Wonderful training, realized through this training that I am living life by avoiding problems or ignoring problems, now, I know that I have to find solutions to a problem and just not avoid it. Thank you Potentia for making me realize it.

M.Jaya Prakash, Construction Manager sharing his experience after attending the Leadership Laboratory

“I thank everyone who worked for formulating such an effective and impactful training program. It really hits hard on our reality. It proves that I am not the person that I have been thinking for all these years. It brought out the real person in me and now it is my turn to polish that real person in me. I feel very relaxed and blissful after the program.”

Shailender, Team Leader, Serco BPO appreciating ‘Malgudi Express’ program

The concept of Malgudi express is excellent. It gives us opportunity to experience the situations where in we have to plan, make tough decisions and take the responsibility of your team.

Manish M, VP-Operations, HSBC commenting about ‘Courageous Conversations’ program

As adults we tend to believe that our tenure/ experience has given us all that we can learn – workshops like these are very important to reopen the book of learning, expand our thought process and hence introspect to be better individuals

Devika, Systems Engineer, GGK Technologies sharing her take aways from ‘Achievement Motivation’ program

Good to Great has been 2 days of a safe, kind and friendly place that helped me push my boundaries. I could identify my patterns and share my fears openly.. this programme has pushed me to think further about how I can excel and achieve my goals.