If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.
~Mark Twain

Empowering Organization Design

Unrealistic targets, disappointment with the board and a fire fighting situation that they were thrown in, the functional heads began an “empire building” race to overcome these challenges and envisaged a 900 member army to achieve the insurmountable target.

The CEO of an emerging economy company with the vision “in the next 18 months we want to grow as much as we have in the last ten years” invited us to design an organization structure that was lean and agile but supportive of the growth envisaged moreover, the structure had to be supported by the Executives of the organization.

Invited as functional experts Potentia leveraged the use of AI and donned the role of a process facilitator to articulate roles, responsibilities and deliverables and succeeded in the uplifting the team spirit from a dampener to a euphoric state and creating a robust structure with richly crafted roles. In the end, the renewed motivation of team to fulfill the organizational dreams with manpower sizing of 500 members (as opposed to the originally desired 900) was contagious.